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Recent Rescues and Sanctuary Animals

"Apache, Tommy and Danny"


Apache, Tommy and Danny are a family of miniature horses that were surrendered to T.E.X.A.S. Rescue because of a death in the family. After one of two sisters died, the ranch was being sold and the remaining sister was not able to take them with her. And the fact that the remaining sister really was not a horse person made it even more difficult for her to think about rehoming her sister’s babies. After a four-hour drive, we met all three minis that had been locked into a small stall area on the ranch. As the owner said, they were hard to catch on the 80-acre ranch, so she locked them up when they came in for their grain. Oh no, the word that I dread hearing… grain. And they had received too much. How do I know, you might ask? Because two of the three were significantly foundered! Here’s the back story, then I’ll come back to the grain issue.


Of the three, Apache is a mare as is she the mother to Danny. Tommy had been gelded, but not before he and Apache produced a baby… Danny. So, we are now looking at a family of mom, dad, and baby, with mom, Apache, and baby, Danny, both being foundered due to overfeeding of grain! Both were serious enough that they each laid down in the trailer for the long ride home. Tommy was lucky enough not to have foundered. But, all three were overweight, most likely due to overfeeding not only the alfalfa on the ranch, but the grain as well. Immediate foot trimming and diet change began helping with the obesity and foot issues. Almost one-year later, Apache is still experiencing foot issues with recurring bouts of laminitis, whereas Danny and Tommy seem to be doing well. All three have lost weight, which is a healthy improvement as well as taking a load off of injured feet. We promised that all three would stay together, which means all three will live out their days in sanctuary! We constantly monitor their feet and diet. Because of these preexisting issues, they are not candidates for adoption.

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