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Needs List

– This List Will Be Updated On An Ongoing Basis –


     • HAY!!!

     • Horse Blankets (All Sizes)

     • Feeders

     • Water Troughs

     • Garden Hoses

     • Emergency First Aid Supplies

     • Pipe Panels

     • Portable Panels

     • Halters (All Sizes)

     • Lead Ropes

     • Fly Masks (All Sizes)

     • Fly Spray

     • Feed Supplements

     • Wormers

     • White Salt Blocks

     • Hoof Picks

     • Brushes / Combs

     • New Trash Cans (For Feed)

     • Rakes / Shovels / Manure Forks

     • Fencing Materials (T-Posts, Smooth Wire, Hot Wire) 


Please contact us directly with questions regarding donation plans. 


From everyone at T.E.X.A.S. Rescue, we sincerely THANK YOU for your support and generosity in our mission! And remember, the animals may not know who you are…BUT WE DO!


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