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Recent Rescues and Sanctuary Animals



Max is a recent owner surrender that was brought in because of his demeanor. T.E.X.A.S. Rescue was contacted by his then owner and described Max’s behavior. The owner thought that maybe Max was “crazy” and did not want him to go to another home where he might hurt someone or end up in a bad environment due to his behavior. The Millers went out to evaluate Max, and realized that he wasn’t crazy at all, but extremely fearful of everything and everybody. This is a situation that was probably set into motion quite some time back in Max’s life for completely unknown reasons to this owner or the Millers. The current owner at the time made the decision to surrender Max to the Millers in hopes that his return to a herd of miniatures might help his outlook on life.


In the less-than-a-years’ time at T.E.X.A.S. Rescue Max has begun to shed some of his fearful ways and has begun to accept treats from your hand, socialize with other minis, and actually approach humans again. He is far from what would be considered normal behavior or socialization, but it’s all a start. The Millers do not push any of the rescued animals into a new behavior but allow them to relax at their own pace and reacclimate to a new environment and lifestyle. Max is a cute paint mini that hopefully one day will see that he is in a situation that will allow him to be himself and not have to worry about unethical “human behavior”.

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