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Recent Rescues and Sanctuary Animals

"Captain Jack Burro"


CJ, as he’s now referred to, was bailed out of a sale yard after seeing his pitiful condition. He was thinner than what was acceptable, and we cannot tell you how many bite and kick marks were covering his body. Two of the bites are so severe that they left scar tissue in the shape of large golf balls on either side of his neck. They made him look like the Frankenstein monster with his neck-electrodes. The fear in his eyes made us feel even worse for this poor guy. He’s five years old and probably spent his life as an unhandled pasture animal, as he didn’t have a clue how to react to people, except through fear. However, like most donkeys, he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. His sale-barn paperwork showed that he had been in the “sale-system” since September of 2021 and had been shipped from sale to sale which most likely lead to his fears and abuse by other equines and people. Yes, these poor soles are ushered through the barns with hotshots just to keep them moving.


On the day we picked him up, ANYONE would have seen his fear. Although fearful, he loaded into our trailer for his trip to freedom from sale-barns to a new lease on life. Once in his quarantine stall, he hastily made his way to the far side of the corral. He had enough change for one day, so he was left alone. The next day Tracy started his method of trying to gain CJ’s trust. Within a short time, CJ was allowing some minor touching, and rapidly realized he was safe. Anytime Tracy would drop his hand from petting, CJ would ever-so-slowly use his nose to nudge Tracy’s arm. Within 24 hours, the tone was set for CJ’s road to recovery and acceptance of humans. There’s still a long way to go in undoing his previous life. He now enjoys human interaction, petting, being loved on, and his animal crackers as treats. CJ is an intact Jack and will be visiting the vet to be gelded, dental check and having the huge scar tissues removed from his neck. He deserves to live his new life without worry, and that is not an issue here at T.E.X.A.S. Rescue!


BTW… We are not typically fans of giving names with “Jack” in them as it is so common. However, CJ’s rescue and arrival came during the Johnny Depp trial. As CJ survived the past oceans of a dreadful life, it seemed appropriate to name him “Captain Jack Burro”!


If you care to donate specifically to CJ’s care and medical, please contact us at 661-972-5492, or visit our “DONATE” page. 

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