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Recent Rescues and Sanctuary Animals



Boomer is a GIANT amongst horses! He is another Belgian Draft horse taken from the Texas sale barn by our friends in California at “All Seated in a Barn”! As I said, Boomer is BIG! He stands 19HH and is beginning to show that lots of groceries and care will help replace the 300+ pounds needed to get him back to his desired weight. If you’re not familiar with the measurement of a horse in “Hands/HH”, each hand is 4” in height and is measured from the ground to their withers, or simply put, the top of their shoulder. That puts Boomer at 6’4” at his withers! When he raises his head, he is between 8’ and 8 1/2’ at the top of his head! Yes, HUGE!

Boomer was also too weak to make the trip to California, so ASIAB asked if we could take him in as we did with Bobbie McGee. Without giving a second thought, we made the trip to pick him up. He was tall, skinny, poor coat, terrible-looking feet, and extremely fearful of people. And, rightfully so. Most likely because of his size, he has probably been worked with massive, heavy loads resulting in a neurological disorder in his hind legs. He was treated for this at the vet hospital and shows very little residual of this issue but will never be completely healed from it! Thank you, Doc! 

Boomers' fear of people will take longer to overcome, as heavy-handedness is always a fear of these big creatures. He has made progress, and no longer stands on the other side of the corral and shakes when you approach him or raise your hand. Although cautious, he now allows brushing and petting! That’s progress! Stay tuned for additional updates!

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