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Recent Rescues and Sanctuary Animals

"Rosa Lee"


Rosa Lee is a good-sized Belgian Draft horse that was rescued from a kill pen in Oklahoma, thanks to the good will of donors who also wish to help these incredible animals! As we said, Rosa Lee is a big girl at 18HH and weighs in at 2100 pounds! She is broke to ride and drive and has the typical Gentle Giant Belgian personality! She is the only Belgian Draft at T.E.X.A.S. Rescue with a Red Roan coat, making her stand out from the other Belgians. We are fortunate that she did not come to us with the typical fearful personality that most of the previously worked Belgians tend to exhibit. From day one, she was easy to walk up to and halter, load into the trailer, pet, groom and just spend enjoyable time with. Her only visible issue is her hind legs, which are stocked up, most likely from pulling heavy loads and never receiving any layoff time or medical attention. With exercise and occasional hydrotherapy via the garden hose, the edema does tend to dissipate to a much more normal look. She is not disabled by her legs in

any way.

If you would like to sponsor Rosa Lee in her retirement, or consider adopting this beautiful animal, please contact T.E.X.A.S. Rescue for details! All donations and sponsorships help with everyday care, veterinary bills and feeding of our animals.

Thank you for your support!

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