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Recent Rescues and Sanctuary Animals



Pumpkin is a 17-year old Belgian Draft horse that was rescued from a kill pen on her way to slaughter. She was in extremely poor health when we picked her up, which meant a direct trip to our veterinarian at Peak Performance Equine Hospital where she was treated for dehydration, digestive issues, a severe respiratory infection and projectile diarrhea. This poor girl looked like she was struggling to survive on a daily basis, with weight loss of approximately 200 pounds and unable to process food adequately, as well as lethargy. She was also very unsteady on her front legs as she was severely disabled on her left front leg by an old blown-out knee injury that most likely was never treated and she was continued to be worked until she could no longer continue with the work that was asked of her. The knee was X-rayed and shows significant calcification within the deformity. She cannot, and will never be able to, fully straighten her leg or walk normally on it. This is a significant disability to an animal of her size at 17HH and 1,650 pounds. However, she has learned to adapt to her disability, with limitations resulting in no fast-paced walking and absolutely no running. After a 5-day stay in the hospital, Pumpkin was ready to be transported to T.E.X.A.S. Rescue!

Pumpkin made a remarkable recovery from her initial days in the hospital and her first days with us here at the rescue. It was very apparent from the beginning that she did not know anything about love and affection, as she was leery when approached by anyone and walked to the other side of her pen giving a cautious look and did not know what hand feeding of treats was about. Her handicapped gate has gotten a bit better over time, her digestive issues have reverted to normal and she has begun to warm up to petting and attention. She is now alert and whinnies not only at feeding time, but every time she sees us outside! This is exciting for us to see these types of transformations, both mental and physical! Body weight is increasing and she’s even beginning to warm up to treats! This is what our rescue is all about!

Although Pumpkin has made a dramatic change from her initial date of rescue, she will never be able to be ridden or worked again, which earns her a place in sanctuary with us for the rest of her days!

If you would like to sponsor Pumpkin, please contact T.E.X.A.S. Rescue for details! All donations and sponsorships help with everyday care, veterinary bills and feeding of our animals.

Thank you for your support!

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