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Recent Rescues and Sanctuary Animals

"Mr. Gray & Ghost"


Mr. Gray and Ghost were owner surrenders to T.E.X.A.S. Rescue, as they were never supposed to be full-time animals with the previous family. From the standpoint of a cattle-family, the donks did not receive the time and attention that they deserved or desired. You wouldn’t really know it by their dispositions, though! They are both friendly and love attention. And, the attention has a lot of space to cover as they are both BIG donkeys! Neither are Mammoths, but are large standards, and unfortunately, both are overweight. Being overweight is not uncommon for many donkeys, but it is detrimental to their health. You can see that both are large in girth and each have fatty crests on their necks. These crests will be there for life. Mr. Gray and Ghost can’t seem to get enough of being loved on as well as receiving a treat of animal crackers, which definitely gets them into their “pocket-pony” personalities! Ghost tends to follow the lead and motions of Mr. Gray, but with a little more time spent with us, we can see that each will be the big puppy dogs that they ASSpire to be!

If you would like to sponsor Mr. Gray and Ghost, please contact T.E.X.A.S. Rescue for details! All donations and sponsorships help with everyday care, veterinary bills and feeding of our animals.

Thank you for your support!

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