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Recent Rescues and Sanctuary Animals

"David Crockett"


Crockett is another Belgian Draft horse that we rescued. He’s a big boy standing 18.2HH! And yes, another draft rescued from the Amish and an uncertain future. Neglect, starvation, poor care, however you phrase it, Crockett didn’t deserve it. He was fearful, underweight, poor foot care, an extremely short-docked tail, forelock cut off and a butchered mane. As we have stated in other Belgian profiles, being underweight seems to be the norm in their lack of care. The massive amount of weight to be put back on takes time. In Crockett’s case it has been a long and slow recovery of probably 500 pounds in groceries. He’s not quite back to where he should be but given more time it will happen. His fearfulness has given way to an outgoing personality that loves attention and treats. We were told he not only drives single and double but rides as well. We are approaching our first trial ride and we can hardly wait!   


A horse named David Crockett? He came to us without a name and deserved a name of status, and history in Texas. So, David Crockett it was!

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