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Recent Rescues and Sanctuary Animals



Sassy is a Missouri Fox Trotter that was surrendered to Austin Miller. Sassy’s lifetime owners had her from a foal to the age of 12, by which time Sassy had begun to live up to her name! Because of her size and headstrong personality made the owners fear taking her out of her stall. However, leaving her in her stall caused her to reach over the fence with ears pinned and mouth open, as she reached for anyone passing by! She seemed to be becoming aggressive by being in solitary confinement. We can’t say we blamed her! Despite being told not to enter her stall, Austin did just that, and there was an immediate bond between the two! The owner saw the obvious bond and realized that Sassy and Austin were meant for each other. He surrendered Sassy to Austin, and the special bond continues to this day!


Oh, and Sassy now seems to love everyone she meets. No longer does she pin her ears, but still reaches over the fence at everyone… in her own loving way hoping for her special treats! She is a smooth-riding horse, that Fox Trotters are known to be… loves being petted by all and is enjoying her new home with the Millers and all of the sanctuary animals! One last fact about Sassy… she touches everything with her lips in a back-and-forth motion, which has led her a hilarious ability to play her own renditions of songs on a child’s toy piano! Play on Sassy, play on!!

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