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Recent Rescues and Sanctuary Animals

"Brigitte braydot"


Brigitte also survived the sale-barn nightmares. She was lucky to have been spotted early after her arrival into the system and was bailed out by two of Board Members. She was listed as a year and a half old, and we can tell you they missed estimating it by about one full year! Brigitte was only about 5 months old upon rescue from the barn and again, probably NEVER handled by humans. A mere baby completely fearful and unsure of virtually everything the world has to offer. She was carefully loaded into our trailer and brought home to T.E.X.A.S. Rescue. She is readily beginning to accept life as a loved donkey, but she is going to take some time. No early imprinting, and young enough to have not experienced much in life, let alone what humans were all about. From a baby that ran away at every chance, she now accepts her animal cracker treats and enjoys some petting. She is at the age of self-preservation, since that seems to be all she knows. Our husband and wife Board Members, Jim and Sue are to thank for posting her bail to allow her escape from the system.


You may have noticed that Brigitte has a bit of a different look than a lot of donkeys with her long coat! She is most likely a descendant of the French Poitou donkeys, which can grow long coats of dreadlock-style hair! Not all grow coats that reach the ground but do have longer hair for their lifetime. This makes them an excellent conversation starter, and such a unique look!

As for her name… What better for a cute, young French girl, than a spin on the famous name of Brigitte Bardot? 


Brigitte is making daily headway towards a lifetime of being loved on and is a very vocal little girl! 

If you wish to donate to Brigitte’s care, or become a monthly sponsor and receive updates and photos of her new life, please contact us at 661-972-5492, or visit our “DONATE” page! Thank You!

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